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25th Jan 2021. The world of Cannabis Research

The cannabis field keeps reinventing itself and seems always ripe for innovation

This is a sector that is maturing rapidly and is always open to create, develop and implement the next best thing, being a new product to open a new market segment or a new process that brings efficiencies and competitive advantage. Such break-neck innovation speed is a consequence of the critical mass: as more consumers and patients globally become aware of cannabis uses, its potential therapeutic benefits and its versatility, the opportunities for companies and developers to deliver, through research and innovation, the products consumers want are endless

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25th Nov 2020. Europe's top court says CBD is not a narcotic.

The KanaVape ruling is in and it’s a massive win for the CBD industry with the ECJ saying that CBD is not a ‘narcotic drug’.

This is the wording from today’s ruling (see below for full press release): “The Court observes that the provisions on the free movement of goods within the European Union are applicable, since the CBD at issue in the main proceedings cannot be regarded as a ‘narcotic drug’.

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30th Oct 2020. From Bench to Bedside. Where is Preclinical Cannabinoid Research taking us?

Mapping over the last 30 years has shown that the endocannabinoid system is far more complex and intricate than we could have imagined; it even exists in primitive organisms such as protists.

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12th Oct 2020. Medicinal Cannabis: Opportunities & Obstacles

Despite prohibition and negative stigma over the past century, enthusiasm is growing for cannabis as a good treatment choice for many patients. In reality, cannabis has been used as a medicinal product for 5000 years to treat pain, nausea, anorexia, insomnia and convulsions.

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