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Delivering the CBD products you love - safely and securely.

Unsure which CBD website to buy from?

We get it. Which is why we started The American CBD Store.
CBD is still relatively unknown to a lot of people, and therefore so are a lot of the websites selling it. This can lead to uncertainty about who to trust, especially when purchasing the more expensive items.

So, who can you trust?

We’ve been importing products from the US since 2011 (Visit our main website - Buckley & Beale Ltd) supplying some of the biggest names on the high street such as Waitrose, M&S and Ocado. But that was all ‘behind the scenes’ and wasn’t direct to the general public. In light of Covid 19 we thought it would be great to use that knowledge and experience to build consumer facing websites that the public can use not only as a source of information, but to also purchase from safely and securely. With that in mind we created The American CBD Store - specialising in CBD products that are either made in the USA, or made using American sourced CBD/Hemp; and also TheAmericanPantry.co.uk - our new website offering the speciality American Food & Drink that we import for our wholesale business.

Our Team

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This should give you the confidence you need to relax, knowing that whatever you buy from us, it will be in safe hands.
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